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Again, Not Dead

I'm exhausted right now, but I wanted to say 'hallo' and give a quick update. There are a ton of things coming up...and I'm pretty darned excited 'bout all of it. TBM is filming a video for Blue, preparing for our jaunt to Europe in the summer, practicing all the time and working on new material!!!    Gratuitous, yet vague, info is ....here <---- Yes, it's a few weeks old... but I'm putting it here just to keep track of everything.

Whilst Trolling around this here internet thingy... I found a slew of TBM related sites. (some older, some new!) ...If you have nothing to do...check out the Kisou avatars.

TBM icons -Photobucket   TBM Fanlisting   Playing Dead Fanlisting  
Violet Review -Rockstar.net

Holy. It's been over 6 months since I made an entry. Shame on me. ...I've been up all night roaming around, finding +uploading old files and photos to fix all the holes in my entries. Wasn't easy (thanks Lian!). They were being stored on Aphasia's now defunct ftp. Speaking of which: time to answer a couple of questions. In November, Aphasia decided to make alot of changes...and move in a bit of a different direction goal-wise. I simply wasn't into it and I wasn't interested in giving up the things I would've had to for these changes.

So, unfortunately for The Birthday Massacre...they are stuck with my 110%unwavering, full-throttle, metronomic fabulousness...now 24-7.


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